What is Staff 101?

FCA Staff 101 is how we train our staff and volunteers. We are committed to training sports ministry leaders to be excellent ministers of the Gospel as they reach coaches and athletes for Jesus Christ. We do this by providing a comprehensive training program that pursues excellence. We provide specialized training such as Campus 101 (equipping people to impact the campuses for Christ), Staff 101 (empowering our staff to be better at sports ministry), Coaches 101 (training coaches biblically) and even more to come. It is the one-stop for tools, teaching and training. When we train, we will value passion, transformation, experiential learning, application and mentoring.

During the first year, FCA staff complete the following areas of training:

  • Tryout Training
  • Fundamentals Training
  • Training Camp

Beyond the first year, we have further opportunities for developing staff:

  • Camp School
  • Coaches Ministry Academy
  • Chaplains Conference
  • Administrative Training
  • Boot Camp
  • Communication School